Abby Kirkham Iverson - Thrive Mission Update

Summer 2019


My dear ministry teammates, 

Do you see those smiling faces in the photo above? They belong to the current staff of Thrive Adventures! This group of God-fearing people are the ones who make this ever growing ministry run and I'm so thankful to be a part of it all. Peter and Becca Ivey (on the far left) live in Asheville like Mark and I while the rest of the families pictured are on our Thrive Maine team in Bar Harbor. Dan Litchfield, our national director and his wife Heather are in the center with their kids and Joe and Angie Cousins on the far right with their children. Hopefully this photo helps you put some faces to the ministry as a whole. So much has begun to build for Thrive Adventures, I'm excited to share with you so please read along. I hope you will be as encouraged as I am by the way God is already starting to use our little ministry to provide spiritual and relational growth opportunities for those around us. And as always, I'm so grateful for you.                                        - abby
July 4th Weekend: Thrive Adventures Basecamp 
This summer, approximately a year after Thrive Adventures was formed, our entire staff team was able to gather together in one place for several days of prayer, planning, and fellowship. We spent time as a community getting to know one another better as well as several days of meetings for the national ministry as a whole. Together the Maine and North Carolina teams were able to better cast a vision for what God is calling us to do and our mission for how we will fulfill that vision. Since we plan to begin bringing on new staff this summer and fall we were able to talk through the next steps for our ministry as the Lord continues to grow it across the country. 
Mission: Investing in communities to know Christ and live like Him
Vision: A culture renewed by Grace and Truth
July 20th: Whitewater Rafting with
Oasis Church of Lynchburg, VA
We are so grateful for the opportunity to serve a group from Virginia, my home state! Our new friends from Oasis Church in Lynchburg,VA came down to enjoy some whitewater rafting on the Nantahala River with us! Since we are still raising money to buy rafts and start our own program, this trip we rented equipment from Nantahala Outdoor Center and ran this trip without profit (for permitting reasons, we are not allowed to charge money when going through NOC). This trip was an absolute success with all of our participants excited and ready for adventure and growth! At our lunch take out we had an amazing discussion about connection and seeking to truly know one another, both struggles and joys, that we might support each other in our walk with the Lord. It is such an honor to be a part of such meaningful conversation and encouragement. Our prayer is that this small group would be renewed by the experiences they had on the river and take that back to their church community! 
July 21st, 27th, & 28th: Standup Paddleboarding Trips with City Church of Asheville, NC
Summertime is for paddleboarding! This summer we have had the joy of leading several stand up paddleboarding trips for City Church of Asheville. These trips have been for a variety of groups within the church including city groups, the women's ministry, and the youth. While each trip has had it's own focus, frequently our desire is to give participants an experience of rest and renewal with the Lord while on the river. A favorite this summer has been a study of Matthew 11:28-30 with time for prayer and reflection followed by discussion while floating on the river! "Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light." 
An improved website for the ministry
We are so happy to announce that our newly improved website is up and running! After some serious work and prayer, Peter and Dan were able to create a great platform for people to learn more about what we do as a ministry as well as sign up for future adventures, conferences, and retreats. We are excited to serve more people and thankful for the resource our website can be for people to connect with us. Please click the links below to access our website, Instagram, and Facebook accounts! Follow us on social media to stay up to date on the ministry and see photos. 
Upcoming Events
Summer has already been a very busy season for us and it's not slowing down for August and September! Here are a few events we have upcoming:

August 1  Day Hike | Pisgah National Forest, NC | Trinity Presbyterian Kids Camp
August 15  Day Hike | Montreat, NC | Christian Investment Forum
August 17  Stand Up Paddleboarding | French Broad River, NC | Haw Creek Commons
August 24  Stand Up Paddleboarding | French Broad River, NC | City Church
August 26  Stand Up Paddleboarding | French Broad River, NC | Haw Creek Commons
September 7  Day Hike | Pisgah National Forest, NC | UNC Asheville Cru
Updates on the Iversons
"How was Japan?!" Mark and I were so blessed with the opportunity to visit his hometown outside of Tokyo, Japan in the end of May/early June. It was a treat to see the place he grew up, spend time with his parents who are church planters there, and explore parts of the country that were new to him. However, our greatest joy was getting the quality time together with no other distractions. What an honor it is to be this faith-filled man's wife. Our life in Asheville continues to be both exciting and challenging. We seek to buy a home of our own, yet this city can be a tough place to buy for the first time. We pray for God's leading and for our patience in this season. 
Support Raising Update & Prayer Request
To all of you faithful prayer warriors and financial partners in this ministry, I come with an update and prayer request regarding my financial support. After initial support raising with Lifelines and moving to Asheville, Mark and I knew I would need to raise more monthly (or annual) giving. Our hope was to get settled into Asheville a bit before embarking on that journey. Then the switch to Thrive Adventures really made that need true as I lost a little support in the transition. It is now that I begin that process of seeking out more financial partners in ministry. Would you all pray with me that I would be able to find 10 new partners OR current partners who are willing to increase their monthly/annual giving? I have no doubt that the Lord can and will provide what we need. If you know of someone who may be interested in hearing about this ministry or if you are interested in giving/increasing your giving, please contact me or click the button below! 
Give a gift or increase your giving here!
Prayers & Praises 
1. Please pray with us as we ask the Lord to send more believers who desire to work in outdoor experiential learning. Pray that we would pursue the right people and that God would call a few others to labor with us!
2. Praise God with us for the opportunities to serve churches, kid's camps, businesses, and families already this year!
3. Please pray for God's leading of Mark and me in housing and support raising. Ask that we would trust Him in all things, especially His timing and direction. 
Partners in prayer and support, I'm incredibly grateful for you! Please let me know how I can be praying for you or celebrating in life with you! Click the button below to send your requests. Your part of this ministry is so clear to me!  
                                                                    - abby
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