Adult Discipleship & Small Groups

We are a group of people who love Jesus and want to love Him more tomorrow than we do today. For that reason, we meet together in small and large groups regularly to study the Scriptures and strengthen our discipleship. 



Adult Teaching Fellowships - Sunday from 10:00 - 10:45am

Come every week or as you are able. You're always welcome.

Don't miss these opportunities for meeting over coffee for fellowship and conversation about the Bible and Biblical issues with like-minded friends. An added attraction - babysitting and solid Bible teaching for the children from infant through high school is provided.

Philippians – Meeting in 201 - Led by Curt Wilbur, Greg Shear, and Sam Calhoun

This is one of the most beloved, appreciated, and well-known of the letters of the Apostle Paul. While we like to think of it as a letter about Christian Joy, and it is, more accurately, it is a letter about finding your joy in Christ Himself, about even the nature of Jesus as the gloriously humble servant/king, and about confidence in God’s working in our lives though difficult relationships. Because we know it so well, this study promises to take us even further in our thanksgiving to God the Father, our love for Jesus the Son, and resting in the Holy Spirit’s leading.

Crazy Busy – Meeting in 203 Led by Michael Anderson, Aaron Bruce, and Mark Coddington. 

Ask anyone how they are doing and the answer will probably be “I’m really busy” before they add “but I’m fine.” This is a class for  stressed folks because it describes how “the biblical rhythms and trust in God’s providence can keep us sane.” This is not a class on time-management but how to serve Jesus well in the middle of the responsibilities we have and not in spite of them.

Marriage Matters - Meeting in Room 204 Led by Mark Stoneburner, John Pearson, and Lewis Lovett. 

This Teaching Fellowship is not focused on young marrieds but on marrieds in every stage. My hope is that folks married for just a few years to quite a few years will see this as their opportunity to minister and to be ministered to in regard to the second greatest relationship of our lives. There are three areas of focus to this Teaching Fellowship: God in the Ordinary Moments, Extraordinary Love in the Details of Marriage, and Staying on the Path. This teaching fellowship may well be one of the most important for our church for years to come because the impact of it will be seen in Families as well as couples.


Small Groups and Bible Studies

All Are Welcome At Any Time! 

Small Groups

Shear's Sunday After Church @ 12:30

12:30-2:00 one Sunday of the month in different homes. Singing, prayer and sermon discussion. Families invited. Lunch is shared and provided. Contact: Greg Shear (

Sunday @ 5 

5:00 - 6:15 @ Grace in room 201.  Childcare and children’s activities available. Contact: Mark Coddington (

Wilbur's Sunday @ 7 

7:00-8:15 p.m. @ Betty Simmon's home, 24 High Meadow Drive in Lexington. Men and women. Studying John. Contact Curt Wilbur (

Davidson's Sunday @ 7

7:00-8:15 p.m. @ Nat and Shannon Davidson's home, 535 Taylor Street in Lexington. Men and women. Studying Philippians through a video and discussion series. Contact Nat Davidson  (

Carter/Ewen Wednesday Evening @ 6:15

6:15-8:00 pm at the Ewen's home,1246 Maury River Rd., Lexington.(Dinner at 6:15, Study at 7:00.) Fellowship, conversation, study, and a discussion of the Parables of Jesus. After watching a 22 minute video on the Parables by R.C. Sproul, we’ll discuss the Biblical text on how the parables reveal Jesus and teach us to live our lives in relation to the Kingdom of God.  Contact: Paul Carter (


Bible Studies

Women's Tuesday Morning @ 9:30 (Finished for Spring. Begining again in September)

Men's Thursday Evening @ 6:55

6:55-8:30 p.m. @ Grace in the Conference Room, part of Bible Study Fellowship.
Studying Israel and the Promised Land: Joshua to Solomon. Contact: Andrew Coburn (

Men's Friday Morning @ 6:00 a.m. 

6:00-7:00 a.m. @ Grace in Room 201. Studying Genesis. Contacts: Joe Robinson ( or Aaron Bruce (

Small Group Bible Studies Photos