GRACE this Week - July 12-18



Grace Moms & Kids - A Morning to Serve & Sun

Thursday, July 19 @ 9:30-1:00



Justice Ministry Prayer Time - Sunday @ 9



Community Table Need - July 30

Grace has been asked to provide desserts for Community Table in the months that have a fifth Monday.  That occurs four times per year and is coming up on July 30.  Dessert this month will be sliced pound cake with berries.  We need 5 people to make a pound cake (either a large one in a bundt pan or 2 small ones in loaf pans).  Another 5 people will each provide a bowl of lightly sugared fresh berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc.) Sylvia Kirgis will add a couple of cans of whipped topping. Please contact Sylvia Kirgis at or 540-460-1854 if you can provide help with dessert on July 30.  Thank you!



Dulles Airport Pick-Up Need - August 2 @ 9:15 a.m. 

Jane Hoadley needs someone to pick her up upon her return from serving Rafiki in Africa. She will be flying into Dulles Airport on Thursday, Aug. 2 at 9:15 a.m. If you are willing to fill this need, please contact Jackie Coburn at or 540-463-2298. Thank you so much!



GRACE FOOD - Every Sunday



Sunday School & Adult Teaching Fellowships @ 10

Come, Lord Jesus - (Room 201) This Teaching Fellowship is a Bible study/discussion on the growth of the Church. Using the Book of Acts, the teachings in the Epistles applied to current days and today’s church, and the pastoral work of Jesus in the book of Revelation, it is obvious that the Spirit has not stopped working today. And it is equally obvious that the Spirit is using the story of His work in the Bible to motivate us as we take our part in the growth of the Kingdom in this generation. Led by Ron Miller, Wayne Dymacek, and Russell Williams.

Isaiah and Jeremiah Meet the Real World - (Room 204) This Teaching Fellowship doesn’t sugar coat the problems of life in a fallen world. But it shows that life is sweet just the same. God, our God, is at work among us. Isaiah and Jeremiah show how His work in the past continues today in our lives through the same ways and means that He has always used to awaken His people. Led by Joe Robinson, Paul Damerell and Paul Carter.