Preparing for Worship

We hope this page will help prepare our hearts each week to receive and celebrate the Good News of Jesus Christ during Sunday worship. You will find here the Sermon focus, the Scripture passage and songs we will sing to give God all glory, praise and honor. For a richer experience please use the links provided. The informaton is updated each Thursday for the following Sunday.

For Sunday, May 24, 2020

Preparing to Hear God's Word


Scripture Passages:  Hebrews 11: 1, 39-40  (Learn More)

1 Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

39 And all these, though commended through their faith, did not receive what was promised, 40 since God had provided something better for us, that apart from us they should not be made perfect.


Preparing to Sing God's Praises

Hymn # 598 “Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah”  (Listen)

                Guide me, O thou great Jehovah,
                pilgrim through this barren land;
                I am weak, but thou art mighty;
                hold me with thy pow'rful hand;
                Bread of heaven, Bread of heaven,
                feed me till I want no more,
                feed me till I want no more.

                Open now the crystal fountain,
                whence the healing stream doth flow;
                let the fire and cloudy pillar
                lead me all my journey through;
                strong Deliv'rer, strong Deliv'rer,
                be thou still my strength and shield,
                be thou still my strength and shield.

                When I tread the verge of Jordan,
                bid my anxious fears subside;
                Death of death, and hell's Destruction,
                land me safe on Canaan's side;
                songs of praises, songs of praises
                I will ever give to thee,
                I will ever give to thee.
                © Words & Music: PublicDomain


“Thy Mercy, My God”  (Listen)

                Thy mercy, my God, is the theme of my song,
                The joy of my heart, and the boast of my tongue;
                Thy free grace alone, from the first to the last,
                Hath won my affections, and bound my soul fast.

                Without Thy sweet mercy I could not live here;
                Sin would reduce me to utter despair;
                But, through Thy free goodness, my spirits revive,
                And He that first made me still keeps me alive.

                Thy mercy is more than a match for my heart,
                Which wonders to feel its own hardness depart;
                Dissolved by Thy goodness, I fall to the ground,
                And weep for the praise of the mercy I’ve found.

                Great Father of mercies, Thy goodness I own,
                And the covenant love of Thy crucified Son;
                All praise to the Spirit, Whose whisper divine,
                Seals mercy, and pardon, and righteousness mine.
                All praise to the Spirit, Whose whisper divine,
                Seals mercy, and pardon, and righteousness mine.

                ©2001 Same Old Dress Music           


Hymn # 32 “Great Is Thy Faithfulness”  (Listen)

                Great is thy faithfulness, O God my Father;
                there is no shadow of turning with thee;
                thou changest not, thy compassions, they fail not;
                as thou hast been thou forever wilt be.

                Great is thy faithfulness!
                Great is thy faithfulness!
                Morning by morning new mercies I see:
                all I have needed thy hand hath provided -
                Great is thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me!

                Summer and winter and springtime and harvest,
                sun, moon, and stars in their courses above,
                join with all nature in manifold witness
                to thy great faithfulness, mercy, and love. [Refrain] 

                Pardon for sin and a peace that endureth,
                thine own dear presence to cheer and to guide,
                strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow,
                blessings all mine, with ten thousand beside! [Refrain]
                © Words & Music: PublicDomain


“For All the Saints”  (Listen)

            For all the saints, who from their labors rest,
            Who Thee by faith before the world confessed,
            Thy Name, O Jesus, be forever blessed.  Alleluia, Allelu...

            Thou wast their rock, their fortress and their might;
            Thou, Lord, their captain in the well fought fight;
            Thou, in the darkness drear, their one true Light. Alleluia, Allelu...

            O may Thy soldiers, faithful, true and bold,
            Fight as the saints who nobly fought of old,
            And win with them the victor's crown of gold.  Alleluia, Allelu...

            The golden evening brightens in the west;
            Soon, soon to faithful warriors comes their rest;
            Sweet is the calm of paradise the blessed.  Alleluia, Allelu...
            But lo! There breaks a yet more glorious day;
            The saints triumphant rise in bright array;
            The King of glory passes on his way, Alleluia, Allelu...

            From earth's wide bounds, from ocean's farthest coast,
            Through gates of pearl streams in the countless host,
            Singing to Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Alleluia, Alleluia!
            ©1997 Christopher Miner Music