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Ministry Update - March 2018



New Year
As we mentioned in our last newsletter, April is the new fiscal year and the start of the school year. Today was Maddie’s entrance ceremony for Pre-School which means, starting next week, all of our kids will be in school. It’s very difficult for us to imagine.

Starting next week we will be gearing up for the new semester. We are adding one more class so there will be four classes with students ranging from 4-10 years old. We are thankful another missionary on our team and our intern will be helping Cathalain. Recently one of the Moms from English approached Cathalain and was excited to share that her daughter believes in God. The mom, although not a Christian, was excited her daughter is learning so much from the Bible time and recently had some discussions about God and what her daughter is learning. We are grateful for these chances to weekly spread the seeds of the gospel in the hearts of these children.

Starting this semester Cathalain will also teach a class at the YWCA and I will be adding an additional class at the YWCA. The YWCA is centrally located in our church planting area and has already helped in building relationships with students and the YWCA staff. In May we received permission to use one of the halls for a gospel concert, which is the start of a quarterly concert series. We also have new acquaintances who have expressed interest in joining our other English classes, and I have started a prayer group that meets once a month to pray for the church plant. The Pastor, Elders, some members of Shiga church and I get together to pray for the work and the people in our target area. Please continue to pray for continued expansion of our current ministries and blessings on the new ministries we hope to start in the future.

New Home
In our last newsletter we mentioned we had exciting news to share with you. About six months ago Pastor Aoki talked with us about the potential of having MTW buy a house in our current area. He has seen the struggle for missionaries to find places every two to four years, the exorbitant rent, the size limitations when renting and the instability in never knowing whether you will be able to find a place as a foreigner. Since MTW is recognized in Japan as a religious corporation they are able to purchase properties and then rent them to missionaries or nationals. Our team currently owns two homes, a ministry center and a building which houses an International Christian School. The rental income received is used for property maintenance, to support national staff salaries and various ministries. After meeting with our team leader we decided to submit a Project Request to MTW to seek approval for the ability to purchase a home in Nagoya City. Since the home will be accessible to Christ Bible Seminary in Nagoya and is near central Nagoya it isn’t tied to our family’s ministry specifically and if we were unable to rent the home it could be rented to someone else involved in ministry in Japan. The Committee of MTW approved our proposal two weeks ago.

In the coming weeks we will be starting a capital campaign in America and Japan to raise the funds to purchase this home. We are looking to raise the majority of funds in Japan through donations and bonds, but will also seek to raise some funds from American sources. This is quite exciting for our ministry and we are excited about the project being a joint effort between MTW and our local Japanese church and denomination. Please pray for our capital campaign project and unity between our Japanese denomination and MTW as we seek to work together.

This past week we celebrated seven years in Japan. We are so thankful to you for supporting our ministry over these past seven years as we seek to reach the lost in Japan!

Michael, Cathalain, Tobin, Elisabeth & Maddie Carter
“for we walk by faith, not by sight.” – 2 Corinthians 5:7

April 8 – Easter Outreach Event at Shiga
April 9 – Okazaki Women’s Bible Study
April 10 – English Classes at YWCA Start
April 15 – Preach at Shiga/Young Adult Bible Study
April 19 – English Classes at Shiga Start
April 23 – Okazaki Women’s Bible Study
April 26 – Prayer Meeting for Sakae Church Plant
April 27 – Church Planting Incubator (at CBI)/ Young Adult Dinner/English
April 29 – Preaching at Moriyama Church

Prayer Requests
  • Cathalain was contacted by the host of her Okazaki Bible Study that one of the non-Christian ladies who has been faithfully attending Cathalain's BS and a local church has asked the Pastor to start taking baptism classes. She told the Pastor she believes in the Gospel and wants to publically express her belief. We Praise God for this women and are encouraged how God used the women in the Study to help lead this woman to Christ.
  • Pray for our family as we will be adjusting to new schedules. Pray for me as more and more evenings I will be out. Pray I will be able to find quality time with each of our kids and with Cathalain.
  • We are thrilled that a church group from Blacksburg will be coming this summer for about two weeks. Pray for the 12 short termers who will be assisting in our English camp and various ministries in Nagoya. Prayer for their bonding as a group and the hearts of those they will touch!
Our family picture from Maddie's Pre-School Entrance Ceremony.  In Japan entrance ceremonies are often viewed as more important than graduations.  This is one cultural difference we find compared to America.
In March we also celebrated the end of the school year in the Children’s Sunday school class.  This year we have been excited to see more and more kids come.  Pray for the kids who faithfully come, the many visitors, and the teachers who help each week! Pray also for our large Easter Outreach on April 8.  Last year we had over 70 kids participate.
In March we celebrated the graduation of kids from our Mom and Kid’s Club.  This year we had quite a few kids who will be starting school and thus leaving a gap.  Please pray for more kids to join this coming year.
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