Adult Teaching Fellowships @ Grace and via Zoom

We are a group of people who love Jesus and want to love Him more tomorrow than we do today. We meet both in-person at Grace and via Zoom.


Adult Teaching Fellowships - 10:00 to 10:45

Keeping the Heart (Meeting @ Grace in Rooms 202-204) 

Led by Chad Danner, Greg Shear, and Curt Wilbur

The title comes from a book by John Flavel and is about how to “keep our heart steady and zealous for God’s glory and to stay consciously close to Jesus” in a world where we often feel good “about doing the right thing for the wrong reason.” This class discusses how blind self-reliance in times of temptation is “the high road to spiritual suicide” but winning our hearts more fully to God is the great work of sanctification and is the pathway to glory.

The Parables (Meeting via Zoom:

Led by Rob Sherrod and Nat Davidson

Using the three basic characteristics of Parables, comparsion involvement, explanation of a harder principle, this class will focus on the context, meaning, and applications of the Parables of Jesus to our understanding of His heart, His ministry, and His Kingdom.