Limited Public Worship with Nursery Care

Limited Public Worship with Nursery Care @ 11

Online Worship @ 11 Continues

We offer limited public worship with nursery care (0-3 years) because we believe the Bible teaches us that (1) public worship is a necessity for the spiritual well-being of God’s people, and (2) we are to obey the authorities He has placed over us for our protection. We are also to care for each other’s well-being, and for this reason have adopted the following limits to our public worship

1.     To conform to the Governor's Executive Order, we will seat a maximum of 155 people (one-half capacity) in the Sanctuary, with the Commons area used to seat a larger number. 

2.     The Deacons will set up the sanctuary for us by placing bulletins on the particular chairs that will best maintain proper distancing during worship. Please do not use the other chairs unless necessary for your family to sit together.  

3.     Please sit with your family and be careful to keep the proper distances as you enter and leave the building.

4.     Masks are recommended for the protection of others.

5.     Offering plates will be marked clearly and placed at the entrances and exits to the worship area.

6.     We will not provide coffee at this time.