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Men's Hike Ministry April 27-30, 2017

Pisgah National Forest


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Strengthen your relationship with the Lord and bond with your brothers in Christ. Join Grace Men's Ministry on a self-supported trail hike.

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Men's Hike Ministry October 21-23, 2016

Mount Pleasant National Scenic Area/George Washington National Forest



Dear Men of Grace,

Aaron Bruce and I feel led by the Lord to continue on the path of creating a Men's Hike Ministry at Grace.  As some of you know, last spring I was looking for guys interested in helping lead this effort by participating on a 4 day hike with another established ministry.  Aaron graciously volunteered, and the two of us had a blessed 4 days in late April in the mountains of North Carolina.  We were going to try to get additional men to participate in the fall hike as well, but the church we were hiking with decided to have a leadership only hike, and Aaron and I (because we had hiked previously and were interested in leading) again participated in October.
The spring hike is coming up and we are trying to get 3-4 more guys to join us.  The goal is to have enough guys participate this spring so that we have a large enough leadership team to launch our first Grace men's hike this coming fall.  While we would like to open up this spring hike opportunity to any men of Grace who are interested, we will only be able to take men who are willing and committed to help lead future hikes at Grace and are committed to bringing men to a stronger relationship with the Lord through the hike ministry.  If you are receiving this email you have either expressed an interest in leading or at least in hiking (or were referred by another member), so we prayerfully ask you to consider this opportunity.
So..... if you can commit to the spring hike on April 28 - May 1, and commit to an additional hike in late September or early October, please let me know!  The hike ministry has changed my walk with the Lord, and Aaron's 2 hikes have touched him in a similar way, and we pray that it will do likewise for you.  In order to have a successful ministry at Grace, we need at least 5-6 committed guys to make it happen.  The long term goal is to have 1-2 hikes per year (typically spring and fall) with 4-5 weeks of preparation before each hike.  This preparation consists of several meetings to ensure the logistics of a hike are taken care of (gear needs, etc) and usually an optional weekly study to prepare our hearts for God's work on the trail. you feel God calling you to this ministry?  You don't need gear (we will rent/borrow equipment), you don't need to be an experienced hiker (I have 9 hikes under my belt and had never backpacked overnight before that first hike), you don't need to be the fittest guy on your block.  You do need to have a heart for bringing the reality of the Lord's love for all men (especially us broken ones!) to other brothers.  As a leader you will be with guys on the trail who are strong in their faith, and some who are very weak, or have no relationship with Christ at all.  But if you care about being with brothers in faith and bringing new men to faith, you have a heart for men's ministry!
I have included some links below, consisting of a description of the ministry that we hope to model from the church I was previously a member of (the same church we will hike with in the spring).  Another link is a video of one of the hikes to give you a flavor of what it is.  Another is a few testimonies from men who have had life changing experiences on the trail.
Please feel free to call either me or Aaron at the phone numbers below with questions, or to let us know you are in!  If you are not interested, I do ask that you pray for this ministry's successful launch here at Grace.  May His peace and strength be with you!
Please let us know if you will join us on the trail!
In Christ's Peace,
Joe Robinson (            

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