Men's Ministry: What We Believe

What We Believe About Ministering to Men

  • Men cannot successfully walk alone as disciples of Jesus Christ; men were made to be in fellowship with other men to challenge each other and hold each other accountable in Christian love.

  • Men cannot successfully lead themselves or their families (if they are married) without being bonded in discipleship with Jesus; the family unit is at risk without humble, servant leadership of the father/husband.

  • Men cannot successfully balance family, career and church obligations without a firm foundation based on biblical priorities.

  • Men need Christian manhood to be modeled by other Christian men; our sin nature and current culture drives men to be selfish pursuers of pleasure and gain – only Christ modeled the Way in which we were meant to live.

  • Men can be reluctant by nature to desire to be in fellowship with other men.  Encouragement and leadership by other men of faith in a supportive and non-threatening environment is the goal of Grace men’s ministry.

  • Men can foster change in their spheres of influence (home, work, community) when their lives are grounded in true Christian faith.  God uses men of faith to bring His will into this broken world.  We at Grace believe that nurturing men of faith through ministry to them is our calling as a church of Christ.