Nominees For Election To Pastor Search Committee

The following members have been nominated to stand for election to the Senior Pastor Search Committee. Please pray over these names this week.  At the Congregational Meeting immediately following worship next Sunday, September 27, ballots will be distributed to all church members attending who will then each vote for up to seven of these nominees. The nominees receiving the most votes in the following categories are elected to serve: two currently serving Officers (one a serving Elder), two lay men, three lay women and one alternate if a regular member becomes unable to serve. 

If you are a member who would like to vote but are unable to attend the Congregational Meeting next Sunday because of Covid precautions or an extraordinary event, please inform the church office at 540-463-2374 as soon as possible. A Church Officer will contact you this week and arrange a convenient time to bring a ballot to your home, wait for you to complete and seal the ballot in an envelope, and return your ballot to Grace.  

On behalf of the Session,

Curt Wilbur

Nominees (* indicates church officer)

Grace Abele

Lynn Alexander

Michael Anderson

Mark Coddington*

Chad Danner*

Ronda Dove

Tim Ellis*

Scott Ewen

Matt Hypes*

Cheryl Nester

Laura Pearson

Tom Roberts

Laura Shaner

Daniel Shear

Cynthia Simar

Mark Stoneburner