Recent Update From Jane Hoadley in Malawi


Dear Church Family:

I have been in Malawi for several month now and would like to give you an update on the ministry at the Rafiki village.  As most of you know, I spent two plus years here in Malawi as a full time missionary, and it has been heartwarming to receive the glad welcome from those I knew when I was here. When I saw all the children that live here after more than 3 years, I realized that God-made “Miracle Grow” had been added abundantly to their statures.  Many of the children kids have changed into fine young adults and are ready for their next life venture outside the confines of the village.   

I am privileged to be working with a marvelous management team.  They are wonderful folks and we have had some really nice times of Bible Study and fellowship together.  Donna and Dennis Read, from Alabama, and Kevin French from California all work very hard in their respective jobs of acting child care director, acting building plant manager and village administrator, and acting elementary, middle and high school headmaster.  I am the acting dean of the Rafiki Institute of Classical Education (RICE).  Please notice the operative word—acting.  All the missionary staff here on site are temporary, and we are praying for God to raise up seasoned missionaries to serve here at the Rafiki village in Malawi. 

My job here at RICE is separate from the other functions of the village.  RICE is a teacher training facility based on a Classical Christian model.  The students, mostly from the outlying community, are trained to integrate Biblical principles in everything that they teach.  A Biblical worldview is what drives this program.  The program is 3 years in duration and empowers students to teach from preprimary school to grade 6.  

Our day begins with the Rafiki Bible study, developed especially for the people of Africa.  We are currently studying the book of2 Peter. The study offers sound Biblical principles based on the inerrant, infallible word of God.  The current students have great insights during our discussions and my favorite part of the week is when the students take turns leading the study. The rest of the day includes tutorials for various subjects such as history, English grammar and composition, mathematical principles for elementary students, theology, and a host of courses. At every level the students are required to do a practicum in the Rafiki school.  My multifaceted job is to provide tutorials when needed, administer approximately 18 courses, manage the physical plant, and provide example and leadership for the students.  

Every day takes on its own challenges, and one has to be very flexible.  One day may be taken up with figuring out the coursework for the students, another day might be taken up with overseeing repairs; others may involve giving a tour to interested parties from other areas and countries.  So your prayers are vital in this ministry.  Each day brings unique problems to solve, and usually in a slower time frame than in the United States. So prayers for flexibility and patience are needed!  

Finally, please pray for the country of Malawi.  There has been much political unrest since the presidential elections last May.  In a historic decision, the high court overruled the election and ordered that a new election take place in five months.  This is only the second time in the history of Africa that an election has been overturned with the order to revamp the voting practices.  The president is appealing the ruling and there is always the threat of unrest, although many are praying for peace, and are thankful for the court’s decision.

Many grateful thanks to you all for the faithful prayer and financial support that enables me to participate in this ministry.  “His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of him who called us to his own glory and excellence.”  (2Peter 1:3)

Blessings in abundance to all,

Jane Hoadley